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Our laser engravers
are a great value
and a smart choice
for your business.
Here's why...

BrightStar Lasers, Inc. is an American company that imports top quality laser engraving equipment from our partner company in Mainland China. Every piece of equipment that we offer has been thoroughly researched and tested. We've used the equipment in high-volume engraving and cutting environments so we can attest to its ruggedness and reliablility. That's why we back everything we sell with an all-inclusive two year warranty. From the laser tube, to the smallest part - it's all covered. If it breaks from normal usage, we'll replace it for free. Period. To keep you running for the long-haul, we offer extended warranties and maintenance programs.

How can our engravers that cost less than half of similar American machines match up? Quite well actually. A good analogy is the automobile market. Both a Cadillac and a basic Toyota will get you where you're going. One will do the job with a little more bling while the other will be a bit more utilitarian. Our machines get the job done in a straightforward way. The lasers, optics and mechanics are well made and quite reliable. The software is easy to master and gives you full control of all engraving and cutting functions. The models we import are in wide use throughout Asia making products we use every day. If you've shopped at Wal-mart or Target and seen products that have been engraved or laser cut, chances are the work was done with one of our machines.

For many businesses, leasing or buying lower cost equipment makes good sense. If you are just starting out, you can build your business with a smaller initial investment. If your business is expanding, lower cost equipment will enable you to put the savings into additional equipment or manpower, or just reap the profits sooner! If you need increased production capabilities, lower cost equipment means that you can buy two machines instead of one. That will make it possible to run more jobs in a shorter time since you can do the setup on one machine while the other machine is running. Any way you slice it, BrightStar's lower cost means a faster and greater return on investment for your business.

• Lower Initial Cost
• Two Year Warranty
• More Included Accessories
• 24/7/365 Support Hotline

It all adds up to the BrightStar Laser Advantage!
Before you spend twice as much, call us for a complete machine demonstration.

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